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QT3-20 Automatic Paver Block Machine

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1.QT3-20 vibration brick making machine is applied to urban-rural concrete block enterprises manufacturing wall blocks roadway blocks and shadow wall blocks.  2.It adopts hydraulic drive compression molding .and the high-speed and strong vibration ensure the qualified product molding layered material -distributing manufactures paving bricks of various color   4.it is especially applied to manufacturing high-mixture fly ash solid brick and paver bricksetc

1.Qt3-20 block making machine brief introduction

1)Best choice for small scale color paver making
QT3-20 block making machine is a small machine espeically made for making color pavers.
 It can make various color pavers by changing moulds,it can also make hollow block,solid brick
and paver brick by changing moulds

2)Price competitive
QT3-20 whole line includes Pan mixer,belt conveyor,QT3-20 block machine.
color feeding instrument,you can also add PLC to improve its automation degree

3)Top selling in africa
QT3-20 block machine is the most price competitive block machine model to
make color pavers,it is besting selling model in Africa market like kenya

2.Technical Specifications:

Machine size 4000*3500*2300mm
Main vibration form Platform vibration
Pallet size 680*550mm
Cycle time 20-35s
Total power 17.5kw


Block name Block photo Block size Qty/mould Qty/hour
Hollow block 400*200*200mm 3pcs 432-540pcs
Solid block   240*110*70mm 10pcs 1440-1800pcs
Paver 225*112.5*60mm 8pcs 820-1150pcs
Paver   200*100*60mm 10pcs 1000-1430pcs
Paver   200*160*60mm 6pcs 600-860pcs

QT3-20 Automatic Paver Block Machine Video