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QT4-15 Full automatic Block Machine Manufacture

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QT4-15 is a full automatic concrete block machine line; it is the most popular automatic brick machine for buyer who want to invest middle scale brick plant; it is more automatic than QT4-18 because added the raw material batching machine and Automatic concrete mixer.
1.Different Configuration Brick Machine Price Range: 32000-60000USD;
2. Total Machine Power:62.8KW.
3.Moulding Period: 15 Seconds.
4.Daily Capacity: 7680 pcs/8hours for 8 inch block.
5.Pallet Size: 960*550*25MM.
6.Land Area Needed: 1200-2500 Square Meters
7. Shelter Area for brick machine: 120 SQM (10*12M).
8. Labor needed: 5 workers
9.Vibration Force: 65KN.

1. QT4-15 Full Automatic Block Machine Brief Introduction
QT4-15 full autoamtic brick machine is the most popular model in the block machine family; 
the whole brick machine line is configurated with PLD1200 batching machine, JS500 concrete mixer; 
QT4-15 host brick machine,Automatic stacker machine;
also the Cement Silo, Cement screw conveyor, cement scale, brick pallet loader is for optional choice;
for the host automatic brick machine, it is including automatic material feeding system, automatic pallet feeding system, automatic raw material distributing sytem, automatic block conveying system, and mould sychronization device to keep the mould up and down stable and in balance.
QT4-15 Brick Machine Line

2.QT4-15 Brick Machine line configuration with parameters introduction
QT4-15 Brick Machine Configuration List
3. Optional Equipment for QT4-15 Automatic Brick Machine

QT4-15 Brick Machine Optional Equipment
4. QT4-15 Automatic Brick Machine Productivity
QT4-15 Brick Machine Productivity
5. Block Moulds

Mould frame are made of 55# Manganese steel, and tamper head is made of 16# manganese steel.
 Mould frame is made with inlaid structure, and mould are processed via the procedures of carburizing, nitriding and quenching which guarantee the strength of mould core could be HRC33 and mould surface could be HRC61
The lifespan of mould is 80~100 thousands times.
We can do any size you want according to your drawing.

Block Moulds
Concrete Blocks
6.Recommend GMT brick pallets

GMT(Glass Mat reinforced Thermoplastics), or glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic composite material, which is made of fiber as reinforcing material and thermoplastic resin as base material made by method of heating and pressurizing. Its density is 1200kg/cubic meters; its life can be 5-6 years; now it is the most widely used among these pallets because cheaper cost and recyclable, longer life, water-resistant,temperature resistance, less weight, can not be replaced by traditional pallets;
GMT block pallet

GMT Brick Pallet

7.Why Choose Raytone Block machine?

(1). Rich experience in manufacturing block making machine, 26 years research on market and customer request.
(2). Assured quality support. HIgh quality material and electrical parts are used to guarantee the machines with stable running and durable performance.
(3). Excellent aftersale serive team, helping buyers in whole solutions, including installation, operation guide, cost analysis.


QT4-15 Full automatic Block Machine Manufacture Video