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QT4-18 simple Automatic Block Making Machine

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QT4-18 is a smart and robust automatic concrete block machine line; it is the smallest one among the automatic hydraulic series concrete block machine family; but can make all kind of concrete blocks under different moulds also the color paver brick is available by this machine because of its hydraulic model.
1.Different Configuration Brick Machine Price Range: 16000-26000USD;
2. Total Machine Power:35.85KW.
3.Moulding Period: 18 Seconds.
4.Daily Capacity: 6400 pcs/8hours for 8 inch block.
5.Pallet Size: 850*550*20MM.
6.Land Area Needed: 1200-2500 Square Meters
7. Shelter Area for brick machine: 60 SQM (6*10M).
8. Labor needed: 5-6 workers
9.Vibration Force: 50KN.

1. Brief Introduction:
QT4-18 simple automatic brick machine line is the smallest block machine line in the automatic brick machine family for both automatic and hydraulic model;
Although QT4-18 is smallest brick machine model, but it has all the functions of full automatic machine line, it can make all types of blocks, bricks, paver stones, etc, also can configurated with the color feeding machine to make color paver bricks;
it is a very good choice for middle investment project. the QT4-18 block machine main features is Automatic, Hydraulic, and Low cost;
QT4-18 host brick machine is using 2 sets of 5.5KW vibrating motor,  7.5KW motor for hydraulic station; 1.5KW motor for raw materials discharge and 1.5KW for raw materials distributing; total 21.5KW for host brick machine;

QT4-18 Brick Machine Line
2. Basic Block Machine line Configuration parameters:

QT4-18 Brick Machine Parameters

3. QT4-18 Brick Machine Daily Capacity:

QT4-18 Brick Machine Daily Capacity

4. our QT4-18 brick Machine detailed introduction:
(1)  Steel Frame
The QT4-18 brick machine is using high strength 12mm width square steel as frame, steel thickness is 5mm; the steel is made by biggest manufacture of Shandong Province, international mechanical standards. with special welding technology, the machine rigidity and its shock resistance property is guaranteed. The Steel Frame life can be more than 15 years.
QT4-18 host brick machine
(2)  Guide Pillar
Guide pillar is made of super strong special steel, surface plated by chrome, with the good performance of anti-friction and anti-twist.  Four-Pillar guide type and long pillar can ensure the press head and mould box an accurate route. 
QT4-18 Guide Pillar
(3)  Pigment Distributor System
Color feeding machine elevator is controlled by hydraulic, the pigments material truck is connected with host brick machine via rubber spring and elevator frame, to absorb the shock and to avoid the left pigments to be shook solid. The pigments truck door controls the pigments distribute evenly. 
QT4-18 color feeder
(4) Raw material Distribute System
Using the technology of Raw material storage device split with Distributor device, storage device give accurate material to the distributor device by PLC control. And the Distributor device adopts the technology of Sensor and Hydraulic proportional drive; under the effect of arch breaking device and swing out distributor,  the forced centrifugation material discharge give a fast and uniform performance. Thin wall, multi-row porous blocks can benefit more from this distributor system. (the swing out distributor is better than 360 degree scatter type distributor, which is easy to bend and not so suitable for some thin wall and multi-row porous blocks making )
Raw Material Distributing System
(5)  PLC intelligent control panel
PLC is an advanced microcomputer system, Automatic fault diagnosis, procedure is interlocked, can ensure every motion of the machine fluently and in high efficiency. The Siemens brand PLC is optional.
The Electrical panel is using Schneider breaker and China top brand electronic elements like Delixi or CHNT brand electromagnetic switch as standard configuration, (Schneider brand as optional), having a reliable performance and low fault rate. We also equipped the frequency converter to make the electronic parts work at a safe condition.
The setting of every machine motion can be done via the touch screen, perfect human-machine communicating system. And there is also a standby software as backup.
PLC panel
PLC panel
 (6)  Motors and power: China Top brand motors are used, Siemens Motors are as optional;
JQ500 Mixer: 11KW
8M Belt Conveyor :1.1KW
Host Brick Machine: (21.5KW)
Hydraulic Station Motor: 7.5KW
Vibrator Motor: 5.5KW*2=11KW
Material Discharge Motor: 1.5KW
Material Distributor Motor: 1.5KW
Block Conveyor: 0.75KW
Stacker: 0.75KW+0.75KW=1.5KW
Total Machine Line Power: 35.85KW
(7) Vibrating system
Adopting separate coupling shaft vibrating technology, the vibrating area is doubled, this greatly increased the productivity and quality of concrete blocks and pro-long the mould life span.
The vibrating box is suspended under the mould box, can bear fiercely vibrating. This Vibrating shaft can produce a good effect on the material distributor and block shaping using the vertical vibrating force made from eccentric synchronous spiral structure.
The vibrating system is adopting electric hydraulic proportional valve control method, distributing raw materials at low frequency and block shaping at high frequency. The frequency is controlled by the PLC setting.
QT4-18 vibrating system
(8) Hydraulic Station
The electromagnetic valve is a unique proportional valve multi-channel control system, all-round adjustment of any action, so that the machine is running more reliable and sensitive, it is made from Taiwan CYLCA brand.
QT4-18 Hydraulic Station
(9) Mould
900 degrees celsius high temperature heat treatment carburizing heat treatment makes the mould much more strong and durability, longer life, can use 100000 times.
block moulds
(10) Demould System
Pinion and rack type synchronization mechanism to guarantee the mould will be lifted at same level.
QT4-18 Demould system
(11)  Sensors
Sensors are Japan Omron brand.
The sensor is used to detect the machine movement and give it a location limit.
There are 8 sensor of the host brick machine, 3 sensors of color feeding machine, 4 sensors of automatic stacker.
QT4-18 Sensors
(12) Brick Conveyor
One 1.1KW motor to drive the blocks on pallet, one 0.75kw motor for brush the scraps on the block; the brush device is customized.
QT4-18 Brick Conveyor
(13) 1.5KW Automatic Stacking machine
QT4-18 Stack Machine
(14). Manual Forklift
Manual Forklift

QT4-18 simple Automatic Block Making Machine Video