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QT4-40 Manual Cheap Concrete Block Machine for sale

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QT4-40 manual Concrete Block Machine is a cheap and good selling brick machine low investment but can also make various blocks is its advantages. this is a good choice for new starters.
1.Different Configuration Brick Machine Price Range: 3300-8000USD;
2. Total Machine Power:18.65KW.
3.Moulding Period: 40 Seconds.
4.Daily Capacity: 2300 pcs/8hours for 8 inch block.
5.Pallet Size: 850*450*30MM.
6.Land Area Needed: 600-1000 Square Meters.
7. Shelter Area for brick machine: 60 SQM.
8. Labor needed: 4 workers.
9.Vibration Force: 50KN.

1. Brief Introduction of QT4-40 Manual block machine:
QT4-40 Manual Cheap block machine is also named QT40-2 brick machine, it is same machine;
QT4-40 is manual operated, easy to be maintaining, because brick pallets are needed, so this machine can also make paver bricks,but without color. it is very suitable for small-scale block factory to start new business.
the machine structure can be desgined for two types, one is hand push-pull top mould, the other one is lift the top mould vertically; 
and it can also be equiped with the control cabinet or switches.
and for the vibrations system, the normal configuration is two vibrating motors under bottom mould, the high configuration is using and gearbox vibration box like automatic block machine,  this kind of gearbox vibration effect is better.
QT4-40 Manual Block Machine
QT4-40 Block Making Machine
2. Basic Configuration List of QT4-40 paver brick machine
(1). JQ350 Concrete mixer
our JQ350 is 1.3 M diameter with 7.5KW good brand motor, truck rear axil reducer, which is better and long life than motor reducer.  And we will also add10CM higher steel on the Mixer top to avoid the raw materials spread out during mixer; inside the mixer, we will also put a 25CM steel plate inside the mixer to protect the mixer side and make it long life.
while some manufactures are using 1.2M diameter Mixer, 5.5KW motor, and normal motor JZC250 reducer;
JQ350 pan mixer
(2) QT4-40 Brick Machine
the QT4-40 brick machine is using vibrators vibrating directly on the top mould and bottom mould. the top vibrator is 2.2KW, bottom is two 3 kw vibrators; the reducer is 2.2KW, if add the top mould electric push-pull function, the push-pull motor is 0.75KW. total host brick machine power is 11.15KW;
QT4-40 Brick Machine Hollow blocks
QT4-40 Brick Machine Paver Bricks

3. Productivity of QT4-40 block making machine
QT4-40 Brick Machine Productivity Diagram

QT4-40 Manual Cheap Concrete Block Machine for sale Video