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QT6-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

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QT6-15 is a middle scale full automatic concrete block machine line; although it is equiped with same machine configuration with QT4-15 brick Machine because QT6-15 can make 6 standard 8 inch blocks per mould while QT4-15 can make 4 pieces of 8 inch block so it is 1.5 times productivity of QT4-15 brick Machineso QT6-15 is very cost to performance.
1.Different Configuration Brick Machine Price Range: 35000-60000USD;
2. Total Machine Power:71.65KW.
3.Moulding Period: 15 Seconds.
4.Daily Capacity: 11520 pcs/8hours for 8 inch block.
5.Pallet Size: 960*700*25MM.
6.Land Area Needed: 1200-2500 Square Meters.
7. Shelter Area for brick machine: 120 SQM (10*12M).
8. Labor needed: 5 workers.
9.Vibration Force: 97KN.

1. QT6-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine Brief Description
QT6-15 automatic block machine is also called automatic brick making machine; the standard configuration is equiped with 3 hopper Raw materiasl Batching Machine of PLD1200 model, JS500 compulsary concrete mixer to mix all the raw materials well, then transport the mixed raw materials onto the block forming machine, after pressing and moulding process, the blocks are formed and conveyed to the stacking machine; then blocks are taken to curing area by forklift.
QT6-15 Block machine can make all typs of hollow blocks, solid blocks, paver bricks and interlocking bricks under customized the brick moulds. 
QT6-15 Brick Machine can produce 6 piece of hollow or solid blocks of 8 inch per mould within 15 seconds, big productivity in the middle scale brick machines is its big features. Cost to performance is very high.
QT6-15 Automatic Brick Machine Line

QT6-15 Host Brick Machine
QT6-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine Productivity
QT6-15 Brick Machine Productivity

QT6-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine  Configuration List
QT6-15 Brick Machine Configuration List

QT6-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine Optional Equipment
QT6-15 Optional Equipment
QT6-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine Advantages
1.Capacity:QT6-15 is middle type block machine; it is using same configuration machine list with QT4-15 automatic brick machine, but it is 1.5 times daily capacity of QT4-15 brick machine, cost is just a little higher;
2.host block machine advantages:
(1) Brick machine frame: we are using super thick seamless steel tube to make the machine frame and jointing, strong machine frame can protect machine parts and make the machine longer life. QT6-15 brick machine is using 15mm width, 8mm thickness steel for the machine frame;
(2) Unique design of guided columniation device : to ensure block molds move freely up and down, the inside bush is made of copper, with 6 years guarantee.
(3). Top mould material: adopt special rolled steel technology to machining to guarantee long time for use.   We treat every mould carburization under high temperature of more than 1000 
degree,After chemical and physical changed during this time, mould will be strong and stable, our Mould can be used for more than 120,000 times.
(4).Table Vibration: The patent vibration technique gives super intensity and good products easily.
 The vibrations gearbox is placed under bottom mould, it gives the vibration force to the mould evenly and strongly.
(5). Raw material distributor: the raw distributing system can distribute the raw materials into the mould rapidly and evenly;
(5). Multifunctional: It can produce different blocks, bricks and pavers by changing the mould. And it is very easy to change the mould with 10-20minutes.
(6). Electricity element: we choose the product of German Schneider/ Siemens; Omron travel switch,etc for our machine, to give our machine a good and safe working condition.
(7). Hydraulic elements: we choose the product of  Taiwan CALYCA, Japan Yuken brand hydraulic electromagnetic valves.
Finally, our biggest advantage is our Good after sales service all the time : we can help you to obtain all-around technique after-sales service by our practical experience accumulated so many years.

QT6-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine Video