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QT8-15 fully automatic Block machine Line

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QT8-15 Fully automatic brick machine is a big scale brick plant it is highly automation the brick plant is composed of automatic raw material batching section automatic Mixing section automatic block forming system; automatic block stacking system.
1.Different Configuration Brick Machine Price Range: 45000-90000USD;
2. Total Machine Power:102.5KW.
3.Moulding Period: 15 Seconds.
4.Daily Capacity: 15360 pcs/8hours for 8 inch block.
5.Pallet Size: 950*900*30MM.
6.Land Area Needed: 1200-2500 Square Meters
7. Shelter Area for brick machine: 200 SQM.
8. Labor needed: 5 workers
9.Vibration Force: 120KN.

1. QT8-15 full automatic block making machine brief introduction:
QT8-15 full automatic brick machine is a very strong and poplular brick machine line, it can make all types of blocks with big daily productivity. 
the automatic PLC control system is combining the motors power and hydraulic power togetherm, using the sensor, switch limit and some special design to control the machine movements, in order to producing high quality blocks.
this QT8-15
automatic brick machine main features is: feeding raw materials into the mould when motor is vibrating at low frequency, and blocks are forming within 2-3 seconds when mortos are vibrating at high frequency. this block forming method can make ther raw materials more liquifying and exhaust the air out to make high density, high strenth blocks;
QT8-15 Full Automatic Brick Machine Line

2.  QT8-15 full automatic
block making machine Configuration List:
(1) PLD1200 three hopper batching machine. 4*3KW=12KW; 
(2)JS750 compulsary concrete Mixer; 
its mxing productivity is 35 CBM/hour, mixer motor is 30KW; elevator motor is 7.5KW; the pump motor is 1.1KW; total Mixer Machiner power is 38.6KW;
now we normally recommend the mixer without elevators, because the elevator rings has life, need to change every year to keep it safe. so now we use the belt conveyors to replace the elevators, which is easy to maintain and safe.
(3) Hydraulic Station:  we are using Taiwan CYLYCA brand electromagnetic valves, and the valves model is 04 type, this type is easy to flow the hydraulic oil, not block;  the driven motor is 18.5KW;
and there is a water cooling device for the hydraulic oil. the water cooling device is using several thin copper pipes to let the water in and out, never rust.
(4) PLC control panel:  we use Siemen PLC, Siemens Touch Screen, Schneider breaker, CHNT switches; Chian top brand Frequency Convertor. 
the PLC system can autoamtic diagnosis,  the automatic fault diagnosi system helpe troubleshooting in time to solve the trouble easily.
(5) Belt Conveyor, 8M lenth, 500mm width belt conveyor, with 2.2KW motor. used to transport the raw materials from the Mixer to the Hopper of host brick machine.
(6) Host Brick Machine
the host brick machine is made by pallet feeder system, the raw material feeding system, Block moulding and forming system, Block conveying system.
all these system are combined by the PLC control panel, the parameters can be set on the PLC panel, and all the movemets can be set automatically. 
the raw materials discharge morot is 2.2KW, control the hopper door open and close; and material feeding motori is 4KW; the vibrationg motor is 2*11KW;  total host brick machine motor power is 46.7KW, including the hydrualic station power.
(7) the stack machine, this stacker machine is stacking the pallets with block, normally hollow block can stack 3 layers, the paver bricks can stack 5 layers, then blocks will be carried to curing area by forklift, this stacking machine can stack 2 rows at one time, to improve the work efficiency.
the motor power is 3KW.

3. QT8-15
full automatic block making machine Productivity:

QT8-15 Automatic Brick Machine Productivity

QT8-15 full automatic block making machine detailed introduction:

(1). Mainframe
The automatic block making machine applies the high-strength structural steel and special welding technique for its mainframe. The firmness of the mainframe allows the whole machine to come with good rigidity and vibration resistance. we are using 18mm width,8mm thickness steel for brick machine main frame.
(2). Guide Pillar
The guide pillar of this machine applies the ultrastrong special steel. By virtue of the chromate plated treatment, it perfectly resists torsion and abrasion. Additionally, the four guide pillars together with the ultra-long guide bearing make the pressure head and mould move accurately. This moving system adopts the special device that is good for lubrication, thus avoiding abrasion.
(3). Material System 
The crane of the material machine is controlled by the hydraulic system. That its hopper is connected to the crane by the rubber spring, can offer favourable damping effect while preventing the vibration compaction of the remained materials. In the system, the hopper is equipped with a door which can help realize the uniform material distribution.
(4). Material Distributing System
In this system, the material storage and distribution are independent from each other. The material receiving in the material box is accurately controlled. Under the function of the powerful centrifugal force, the material is speedily and evenly distributed.
(5). Vibration System
For the vibration system, our equipment employs the separate type coupling vibration technology, which can enlarge the effective vibration area by 2 times. This technology not only helps improve the product quality and output, but also it can prolong the mould service life with effect. In addition, the vibration cabinet of hanging type structure can bear intensive vibration, and no damage or breakage appears. Meanwhile, the vibrating shaft rotates eccentrically and synchronously to generate vertical exciting force, which can ensure the optimal material distribution and block molding effect.
(6). PLC Control System
Technical parameters including flow, pressure, etc., can be set via the touch screen. All the electric elements are imported famous brands, such as Mitsubishi, Omron, SIEMENS, etc. Therefore, the control system is reliable in performance. The failure rate is extremely low. In the system, there are three controlling units, all of which are described as below:
a. The full-automatic controlling system for the material mixing;
b. Automatic controlling system used for molding machine, conveyor, and so on;
c. Stacker controlling system
(7). Multifunction

When equipped with different moulds, this automatic block making machine can make any size concrete products, for instance, perforated bricks, hollow blocks, etc. If installed with the color feeding machine, it also can produce the color paver bricks.
5. why choose us?
(1). Rich experience in
manufacturing block making machine, 26 years research on market and customer request.
(2). Assured quality support. HIgh quality material and electrical parts are used to guarantee the machines with stable running and durable performance.
(3). Excellent aftersale serive team, helping buyers in whole solutions, including installation, operation guide, cost analysis.

QT8-15 fully automatic Block machine Line Video